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The Pre-Process: We will do an initial free "physical" on your business to show areas of concern we see and show how you compare to your competitors. This free consultation creates the foundation of our next step- Strategic Planning.

The Process (See the 5 Steps below): Our solutions for business growth have helped clients go from uncertain to confident. No matter what challenge is standing in your way, we will overcome it together. As a Global Business Consultants (GBC) Partner, we implement the GBC StratPlan to reach your goals. We provide leading and distinctive strategic planning services in custom-developed SaaS platforms and process improvement solutions, creating high-value strategic business growth plans for small businesses and non-profits at significantly low costs.

The Post-Process: After we have implemented the strategic plan and the customized solutions for business efficiency and productivity, we do 6 and 12 months check-ins to make sure your business is on track and re-adjust if needed.

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