What You Can Do to Build Strong and Positive Relationships With Your Employees

It's no secret that any job is more enjoyable when you work with people that you have a positive and cohesive partnership with. Developing strong and positive relationships with your employees will create unity for the company's focus and overall success, so here are a few ways you can effectively do this.

Include Employees in Important Decisions

Take a moment and step into your employees' shoes. If you were to approach them with a new policy or procedure that they must follow, there is a good chance that if they do not agree on it, they may not comply. Consider the benefits that come from including employees in important decisions involving the company and their job. This will result in uniformity, teamwork, and goal-oriented discussions that help them feel valued within the organization. Allowing your people to have a voice will empower them to feel appreciated and heard.

Participate in Team Building Activities

Regular corporate events can go a long way toward helping build your relationship among your employees. Even day-to-day team-building activities are beneficial when they're focused on unifying and strengthening co-worker and management cohesion. It is amazing when co-workers engage in lighthearted activities with the boss who demonstrates that it is good to be on the same level at times. Effective leaders learn to adapt to opportunities to be vulnerable in an effort to strengthen relationships with their employees. Employees find it easier to comply with management they can relate to, and trust and emotional connections are also gained.

The Power of Showing Appreciation

You may have seen it in the movies where the hard boss or difficult manager goes out of their way and starts giving to their employees small gifts or words of appreciation, and how quickly hearts turn and the boss is looked at in a different light. It is very effective to create a culture of appreciation and recognition. This can be done through regular team meetings where prizes and trophies can be given out, but even the simple day-to-day actions establish some of the strongest relationships.

By taking the extra little time to look for opportunities to show appreciation and gratitude for others and their work you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy and effective this can be. Every human has the same desire to be heard and understood, and when you effectively communicate that through verbal and nonverbal language, trust is established and relationships are strengthened.

Building strong and positive relationships with your employees is a process that comes from effort and a place of care. By applying these principles, you will find gradual and sometimes quick improvements with your relationships with your people.

However you want to improve your business, we can help you get there.

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