What You Can Do to Attract, Hire, and Retain Millennial Talent

As new generations begin to enter the workforce, employers must maintain the ability to attract, retain, and hire top talent, regardless of the employee's age. If you run your own business or are a hiring manager, knowing how to appeal to millennials can go a long way when you require young talent.


Attracting millennials is a must when you are the owner of a business or in charge of hiring for any company. If you are unable to set yourself and your workplace apart from competitors near you, attracting millennials will likely become increasingly difficult. Consider the type of offerings you will provide to new applicants interviewing for an open position. You should include a diverse insurance portfolio, as insurance offerings play a role in whether millennials refuse or accept a job. Implement remote positions for millennials who prefer to work from home or who prefer to have flexible scheduling options. Offer paid time off and the ability to accrue additional vacation or paid time off for all employees. Attracting millennials often requires a bit of creative thinking to come up with incentives that will prevent talent from seeking employment elsewhere.


Long gone are the days of bleak corporate environments, at least for millennials. Today's younger generations prefer working in environments that help them maintain a healthier and more balanced work-life structure. Create a desirable workplace culture that will have millennials at your doorstep asking for a spot in your company. Work to build a positive reputation for your business. A reputation goes a long way when seeking out new employees. Create a sense of community among all employees you bring onto your team.


When you understand your millennial employees, it is much easier to relate to and work with them in harmony. Retaining your millennial employees may be as simple as relating to them, asking for their input, and offering up praise for jobs well done. Providing millennials with a welcoming, rewarding, and energizing workplace environment can help to retain them and prevent them from leaving for your competitors.

Understanding how to attract, hire, and retain millennials can go a long way for an employer and the owner of the business. When you are capable of connecting with your employees regardless of their generation, you will have the ability to attract and retain top talent in just about any industry or market.

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