What the Coronavirus Crisis is Teaching Companies

Although a global pandemic is obviously accompanied by many difficulties for businesses, the restrictions also allow companies to learn and grow. Companies are learning the value of remote working, employee health, and conducting business without physical contact from the coronavirus pandemic, and acting on this new knowledge even after the pandemic is long over can benefit companies as they go forward into the new future.

Remote Working is Effective

Coronavirus triggered a wave of remote work, and companies that were previously wary of remote working may now realize it’s perfectly effective. This realization can lead to cost reductions and other improvements in the future if companies continue to employ some of their workers remotely.

In the future, companies may realize that they don’t need to rent out huge office spaces for employees who can be working from home. Money spent on rent and workspaces can be saved and used elsewhere. In addition, it has been found that employees who work remotely are 22% happier at work and, as a result, remote work can improve employee retention. Remote working also results in fewer missed days and promotes better productivity.

Employee Health is Crucial

Coronavirus has reminded the world of the importance of individual health and its impact on the larger group. Companies understand now more than ever that the health of their employees is crucial. If one employee is sick, the rest of your employees can be at risk. Therefore, what were once considered perks, such as sick leave, should be considered necessities in a workplace.

Some predict that mandatory on-the-job medical screenings may become a new norm in companies. Will face masks become a new wardrobe essential? Some businesses are already offering more mental health benefits to their employees in the face of this pandemic.

Companies can provide other benefits to employees to encourage them to stay healthy and active. For example, providing flu vaccinations, encouraging healthier eating by providing healthy lunches and snacks in the workplace, and rewarding employee physical exercise will boost overall company health.

Contactless Interaction is Convenient

As many companies discover the convenience of no-contact methods of delivery and other services, many believe the practice should be here to stay. No-contact methods control and prevent the spread of illness, and many customers find contactless interactions more convenient than the “old normal” alternative. Contactless payments may continue to trump cash. Now that companies are discovering the benefits of offering no-contact options to customers and clients, they should continue to do so.

Companies are learning from the experience of COVID-19 and can use these new realizations to do better in certain areas as they go forward. Resisting a complete return to the old ways of doing things will be beneficial to businesses in the future.

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