How to Build Product Value and Bolster Marketing Efforts

No matter the product or service you're offering, offering great service is key to promoting the value of what you're selling. A specific product that fills a particular niche can quickly go from an ideal purchase to a waste of money if the consumer can't rely on it. There are multiple value types that you can focus on to help your product or service become known as a good purchase.

Focus on Specific Value Type

The need that you are working to meet is critical. If you're filling a functional need, make sure that your product or service is available 24/7 to subscribers. If your goal is to fill a social need, your customers are seeking to boost their standing by purchasing your product, so you'll need to stay on top of new products in the marketplace. Finally, if your service is designed to fill an emotional need, be aware that impulse buyers are a fickle bunch. Your marketing campaign must get your product front and center and keep things visible.

Proving Value

Getting your products into the hands of potential buyers at low risk to the consumer is key. This may mean offering a free online lecture or class to provide an intro to your service. You can also put information about your money-back guarantee front and centre on your promotional imagery. Strategic use of different lead magnets allow consumers to discover the value of your product at very little risk to them.

Find Their Pain Points

Everyone has a problem that bothers them. It may be keeping their backpack organized or keeping the email contained. If your product can keep a simple challenge from becoming a giant pain, you are a problem-solver in the marketplace. Whether you're handling your own sales or have reps working on your behalf, pain points and giant problems are your opportunity. If your customer can look at your label or logo and know their problem is solved, you have a foot in the door for product improvement ideas.

Your business must grow. To solidify your customer base, providing high-value products that fill a niche and solve a problem demonstrates that your work has value. You may need to create a teaser or demonstrate that your guarantee is rock-solid to build visible value in the marketplace. Make it clear that the risk is on you to help potential customers reach out for your help.

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