Benefits of Promoting a Drug-Free Workplace

Contributions to employee wellness in any form can increase productivity and lessen downtime. Also, a focus on promoting a drug-free workplace sets careful boundaries around activities that are and aren't allowed, protecting you in case you need to terminate someone for inappropriate behavior. Finally, a dedicated policy promoting a drug-free workplace can lower your insurance costs.

Improve Productivity
Good promotion of a drug-free workplace policy, such as posting signs and including this information in staff meetings, sets boundaries for all employees. It can shield employees who want to speak up in reaction to any inappropriate behavior they notice. Engaged employees want to do their best in a safe, secure work environment. By promoting a drug-free workplace in a clear, visible way, you let drug users know what isn't allowed in your facility, and you protect workers who are focused on their jobs.

Focus on Health
In addition to defining your policies on drug use, you can promote positive, healthy choices for your employees daily. In addition to providing all necessary safety gear, offer your employees the chance to improve their physical fitness. Walking clubs and yoga classes or simple stretch breaks for employees who sit regularly can improve overall health and create strong employee bonds. A drug-free workplace can be a big part of your healthy environment.

Worker's Comp
Workers' compensation insurance can be costly. Employers may receive a discount for implementing a drug-free workplace. Your workers' comp insurance bill can be lowered if you can demonstrate a written drug-free policy because accidents are less likely among sober employees. Your plan should require your employees to sign off on the policy and may include random drug testing. If your facility passes a particular number of days with no work comp claim, consider scheduling celebrations or bonuses to mark these dates and promote safe behavior.

Employee Assistance
Your random drug testing results may force you to make some tough staffing decisions. In addition to testing, be ready to partner with an employee assistance program that can offer support and counseling to anyone struggling with an addiction issue. Punitive behavior toward drug abusers and addicts has repeatedly been shown to cause significant damage to the life of the abuser and their families. Be as supportive of drug users as you can while protecting your other workers.

As the owner of a business, you have a great deal of responsibility toward your employees. Every new hire expands the risk to your company. Be very specific about your decision to promote a drug-free workplace and define those boundaries from the moment you bring people on.

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